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We are living in unprecedented times. Millions of people are out of work and those of us who are still employed have had to make tremendous adjustments in just a few short weeks. From conducting online meetings to juggling being an employee, teacher and parent all at the same time, it's enough to make the most stalwart among us feel a bit off-kilter.

Now more than ever, working with a coach can help you gain clarity and focus, overcome obstacles and keep you moving forward toward your goals. 

I am an experienced, Board Certified Career Coach offering comprehensive career services for those who are looking for work, wanting to make a career shift or needing to adjust to the new realities of work, including new skills for managing time and stress. From improving productivity to quick resume reviews to a full career pivot, I am here to help! I offer free consultations, remote coaching and flexible scheduling for both individuals and groups.


I work with people at all stages of the career development process - from entry and re-entry into the workforce through contemplating life after work.  Services include discussing your employment history, exploring your life purpose and vision, discovering your career dreams and connecting you with resources that will help you explore your options.  My comprehensive career coaching services include resume preparation, job search strategies, and practice interviews, in both an individual and group format, in person, by phone and via Zoom.

Friend, you only get one life - why not enjoy ALL of it?! 
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Sarah VanderMeiden, Your College Success and Career Coach

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