North Shore Rocks

My favorite adventures are those spent right next to Lake Superior when the wind and waves are wild!  Whatever the weather, taking time to wander and study the rocks reveals beautiful images to capture. 

Dock at Grand Marais Harbor
This photo was taken the morning after a spectacular fall storm
Beach at Sugarloaf Cove
My first visit to Sugarloaf Cove came after days of rain, wind and waves. I caught this image just after water evaporated from the bedrock.
Hidden Heart
Can you find the hidden heart in this beautiful pile of North Shore Rocks, artfully arranged by Lake Superior herself?
Rock Group
The endless variety in our North Shore Rocks is amazing
I wonder who created this arrangement for me to capture?
I have to confess, I created this scene of balance. Guess how big these rocks are!
This is one of my favorite photos. The texture and color are amazing!
Tranquil Cove
As the big lake calms after a fall storm, peace is found in this tranquil cove
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