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Through Coaching

Sarah VanderMeiden, M.S.

Board Certified Coach

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complementary coaching

sample session by phone!

Are You Ready for Something Different?

Maybe it is time to give coaching a try. 

Do you have life, career or business goals that somehow never work out?

Does it feel like you are working harder than ever but still struggle to stay on top of everything? Even with your best intentions, is it a challenge to stick to your plan to get to where you want to go?

As a coach, my passion is to partner with people to identify what living their best life looks like and then take action toward getting to where they want to be. Along with coaching, I utilize techniques in mindset, mindfulness, productivity and wellness to assist people in reaching significant life and career goals. I particularly enjoy working with people who are fully capable of realizing their dreams but obstacles such as fear, self-doubt or lack of energy get in the way.

So what exactly does working with me look like?

First, we will take a look at your level of satisfaction with your WHOLE life along several dimensions, and, using a variety of tools, clarify your life purpose, meaning, vision and values. 

Next, we will discuss what you want for your life, clarify your goals and identify action steps you wish to pursue to accomplish your goals. We'll also identify obstacles and ways you can bust through them!

Finally, we will support movement toward your goals through proven

self-management strategies designed to supercharge your success!

So if you want to stop spinning your wheels and are ready to finally reach your goals, contact me for a complementary 30-minute coaching sample session by phone!

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