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Sarah VanderMeiden
Coaching LLC

I am thrilled to have been ranked by as the top life and career coach in Minnesota and in the top 1 % of coaches in the nation!


Now Offering Coaching for Managers!

Many managers are promoted into their positions for their technical expertise and/or longevity with their organization, NOT for their management skills - which are the very factor that will ensure their success as a manager. With over 18 years in supervision and management, including staff recruitment, selection, training, supervision and evaluation, I am experienced at developing processes and structures to help employees reach their top potential. Armed with this experience along with advanced training in proven management techniques, I am available to help managers gain skills that will help them strengthen their staff and organizations to maximize performance and accomplish their goals. 

Time for a New Career?

With millions of people out of work, it is more important than ever to position yourself as a strong candidate in this competitive job market.  Has it been awhile since you've updated your resume? Give me a call! As a Career Coach, I have years of experience reviewing resumes and have recently added even more strategies for powerful resumes and cover letters. I also offer mock interviews and other job-search skills training.

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