The Sparkling Season

There is a lot to love about the Sparkling Season:  Clear blue sky.  Fluffy fresh-fallen flakes.  Even the tiniest of branches covered in a layer of frost.  Glorious sculptures of ice. 

All kinds of surprises await when you venture out into winter's crisp, fresh air!

The View From Here
Late Winter 2007 found Lake Superior frozen over near Duluth and spectacular ice formations along the shore
The Great Beyond
A bright future awaits once you find a way to get through the obstacles
Winter Wave
This image was captured during an ice fishing trip to Lake of the Woods in Northern MInnesota
Winter Branches
Snow-covered branches greeted me during a winter hike in Lester Park
Winter Nest
I discovered this beautiful nest while snowshoeing on a frozen northern lake
Superior Seaspraycicle
It was late March, and Lake Superior's fury was crashing on a breakwall near the end of Park Point. Sea spray froze into icicles on every nearby branch
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