What is coaching all about?

Coaching is a defining, energy-creating and motivating process that supports change and growth. It is a process where we engage in conversations to clarify what you want and specify action steps to achieve your goals. Coaching is a powerful process, generating ideas and energy far greater than anything our individual efforts could create.  Because you are the expert on your own life, coaching is always centered around your desires and supportive of your efforts. As your coach, I am the expert on the coaching process and will serve as your guide as you define and work toward your goals. 

Who can benefit from coaching?

In short, anyone!  


As human beings living in an ever-changing world, we are designed to evolve and grow in response to changes around us.  Just the process of moving through life demands that we grow.  Sometimes we are presented with new opportunities and have a deep desire to make the most of them.  At other times, we may reach a point when we need to re-examine our lives and the path we are on.  Choices that worked for us years ago may no longer fit. Though many of us sense when its time for a change, we might feel stuck as to how we should respond.  Even when we know what we want, sometimes we don’t know how to get started or have the energy to get going. Read more about who can benefit from coaching!

Maybe it’s time to give coaching a try.

Coaching is a great resource for people who find themselves simply going through the motions and yearning for more balance, purpose, meaning and effectiveness in their life and work.  For those in mid-life wondering if this is the best it's going to get and dreamers wondering why they haven't yet pursued their dreams. And for those who are ready to move forward, take action and finally achieve their goals.


Wherever you want to go, coaching can help you get there.

Coaching is available in both individual and group formats, in person and by phone. If you have have any additional questions, or would like to schedule your complementary 30-minute coaching sample session by phone, please don't hesitate to contact me!

To learn more, read "Coaching 101", an article to help you learn more about coaching.

Sarah VanderMeiden, Your College Success and Career Coach

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