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Business and Organizational

"Thanks to Sarah's help, I gained the courage to pursue my dream of starting my own business, which continues to grow and thrive." 

Erin, Duluth, Minnesota [read more]

How's business?  Even more importantly, how are the people who are helping you run your business?  Are they working up to their full potential?  Do you have a high-performing team - or a "team" of high performers?

Business leaders are discovering that traditional models of leadership no longer work with the rapidly changing dynamics of our workforce.  They understand that the key to success in today’s business environment boils down to the strength of their team.

I couldn’t agree with them more.  You see, for over 18 years, I helped manage on-campus college and university housing.  Resources were low and the needs were high.  Sure, we had a talented staff of student leaders (who are now your employees) but in order for us to accomplish our goals of having a safe living environment that supported academic success, it was absolutely essential to have a strong team. Over the years, I developed a track record of converting groups of strangers into high-performing teams.  I also proved my ability to effect a shift in work culture through inspiring team members to embrace a common vision.  

My colleagues and I weren’t relying on our team approach because it was the latest fad.  We did it out of necessity and the lessons learned serve as the foundation for my timeless concepts for team success.  My coaching, consulting, training and team development services take the best from human and student development theory and apply them to the needs of your business or organization.

Whether you have just a few people who need performance coaching or your team needs a major tune-up, I am available to help you help your business thrive. 
Contact me so we can get your organization started on the path to reaching your full potential through the strength of your team!

Supervision and Management

With over 18 years in supervision and management, including staff recruitment, selection, training, supervision and evaluation, I am experienced at working with employees to help them reach their top potential.  My unique style has helped ordinary people become extraordinary leaders.


Team Building

I have proven success in converting groups of strangers into high-performing teams through the use of team-building activities, administration and interpretation of personality assessments like the Myers-Briggs and ongoing team maintenance.  I can work with your team or work with your team leaders and managers on an ongoing basis or through my workshop "How to Create and Maintain a High-Performing Team."

Training and Development

Throughout my 20+ years in Higher Education and as a community volunteer, I have created and presented dozens of seminars, training sessions and for-credit college courses.  I can deliver established training modules, design customized training based on your parameters or create something completely new and effective for your team.  Give me a call and let’s talk about what would work for you!


Read the list of training sessions I have offered in the past.

Support for Entrepreneurs

Own your own business?  As you know, it is not always easy starting your own business and keep it going strong. It can be an exciting, yet sometimes lonely, prospect.  Sure, there are networking groups out there but wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of a group that is focused on YOU and YOUR success as a businessperson? Request a virtual "OWN It!" Coaching Groups for Entrepreneurs!

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