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My work with Sarah has given me the clarity, confidence and courage to create a career path with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.


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How Satisfied Are You With Your Career?

Recent studies of the American workforce tell us the average person will spend about 30 percent of their lives working and
approximately 70 percent of people are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Something isn’t adding up here.  How can so many of us spend such a significant part of our lives doing something that makes us downright miserable?

Far too many of us remain stuck in the same old dissatisfying work situations simply because we believe there is nothing better out there or are afraid of giving up our hard-earned vacation time and other benefits.  So we sit and languish day after day going through the motions in jobs that no longer inspire us to give our best.

But I believe there is a better way, that you can have the satisfying, rewarding career you have always dreamed of but never dared pursue.


I work with people at all stages of the career development process - from entry and re-entry into the workforce through contemplating life after work.  We’ll discuss your employment history, get clear on your life purpose and vision, discover your career dreams and connect you with resources that will help you explore your options.  My comprehensive career coaching services include resume preparation, job search strategies, and practice interviews, in both an individual and group format, in person and by phone.

Friend, you only get one life - why not enjoy ALL of it?! 
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