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 Career Coaching 

"After working with Sarah I learned my skills that will translate well into a job as well as what is important to me in a job and workplace. After just a month I had numerous interviews and was able to accept an amazing offer."

Jordan Z., Cloquet, Minnesota [read more]


Are You Ready for a New Job?

A woman in a red coat holds her head and screams in frustration over her unrewarding job and unfulfilled life.

As Your Career Coach, I am Here to Help!

Board Certified Education, Career and Life Coach Sarah VanderMeiden, M.S., BCC

You are sick of your job or perhaps looking for a new career.

Where do you start? What do you need to do to update your resume? How do people find jobs these days, anyway? HELP!

Hi, I am Sarah VanderMeiden and am an experienced, Board Certified Career Coach offering comprehensive virtual career coaching services for those who are looking for work or wanting to make a career pivot. As your Career Coach, I offer services that will:

Together...let's make it happen!

Whether you need a complete career makeover or only a few suggestions, I tailor my services to just what you need to land a new job that is rewarding and fulfilling! 

Help you identify careers that would be a great fit for your unique you
Teach you a variety of job search techniques
Get your resume playing nicely with automated Applicant Tracking Systems

Help you polish your interviewing skills
Transform you into an offer negotiator that's cool as a cucumber

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As Your Career Life Coach, I work with people at all stages of the career development process - from entry and re-entry into the workforce to transition coaching to contemplating life after work. Services are conveniently available online and by phone.

Friend, you only get one life - why not enjoy ALL of it?!  Contact me today to learn more about my career coaching services so we can get you started on the path to a more satisfying and rewarding career!

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