Sarah VanderMeiden, M.S.
Board Certified Coach and 
CEO (Chief Effectiveness Officer)

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I am thrilled to have been ranked by as one of the top coaches in Minnesota and in the top 6 % of coaches in the nation!

How long has it been since someone listened to you? REALLY listened to you?  Listened to not only your words, but the feelings, passions and energy behind them? Without judgement, without interrupting to tell their story, without telling you what to do?


How long has it been since you listened to yourself, your hopes, your dreams? 

Throughout my professional career, my passion has been to talk with people about what they want out of life and then work together to discover how to make it happen.  There is nothing more rewarding for me than to listen for people’s passions, facilitate discovery of possibilities and encourage positive movement toward goals.

As your Coach, I offer...

…the ability to listen deeply with insight and discernment to help you discover your purpose, wants and desires;


 …the curiosity and creativity to help you determine how to achieve what you want;  and

                                                                                     …the energy and enthusiasm to empower you to take action toward realizing                                                                                             your dreams.

My life coaching services help people who desire to achieve a certain life goal or who want to make a major shift in their life. My overall goal is to help people identify what living their best life looks like and then take action toward getting to where they want to be. I particularly enjoy helping people clarify their life vision, purpose, mission and values and how they want to live these ideals through their education and career

As your Coach, I will utilize my strengths and experience to help you clarify what you want and specify action steps to achieve your goals. You will learn proven systems to boost your effectiveness in accomplishing your action steps, which, along with the accountability I provide, will get you further, faster. We’ll also take on any potential obstacles as well as implement strategies to supercharge your success! Coaching is available in both individual and group formats, in person and by phone.

I trained with the Institute for Life Coach Training and have demonstrated my professional coaching knowledge, skills, experience and competency through earning the Board Certified Coach credential.  As a professional, I am committed to upholding the Code of Ethics established by the International Coach Federation.

Above all else, I believe in you and your ability to accomplish your goals.  Contact me today so we can talk about how to get started - I look forward to meeting you!

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