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Stories of Success

"If I had to choose one word to describe the first semester of my PhD program, it would be "panic". I was overwhelmed by information overload, competition with my peers, and the pressure to pass qualifying exams. I sought help from Sarah because I knew that at the rate I was going, if I did not make changes, I would never complete the necessary requirements to advance in my PhD. Through working with Sarah, I made a complete 180. Sarah helped me find value in my work, rather than pressure. By working together on mindset and stress management, I let go of perfection, began to appreciate the "ebb and flow" of life, and was ultimately able to make academic and personal progress that I am proud of. Sarah's qualifications really shine through in our conversations, and I am consistently impressed by what a difference our phone calls make. Reaching out to Sarah was the best thing I did for myself in the last year, and I fully recommend her services to anyone."

                                                                                                                                                          --Maddie A., Washington, D.C. 


"I came to the decision that I needed a life coach because, despite having great success in every endeavor I pursued in the past, I found myself both unable and unwilling to face the trials that still existed before me. I was too stressed (to the point of downright fear) to plan ahead, to stop procrastinating, or to even study for my college classes as much as I knew that I should. Sarah taught me how to drop this "fear mindset", and focus on being more positive as far as my progress towards my current goals. This helped me tremendously, as, once I was able to conquer the fear aspect of studying, I was able to easily focus on school and managed to drastically improve my current academic standing, after a year of flailing about and looking for small temporary solutions. It is super important to remember that, no matter how much success you have managed to achieve in the past, no one person is an island. Sometimes we need the assistance of others in 

order to get us back on the right track. The services that Sarah provided were easily worth the

investment, without a doubt."   

                                                                                                                                      --Justin V., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I decided to focus my work with Sarah on my upcoming pharmacy rotations and how to get through them successfully. I was nervous about the rotations because it would result in me moving around to different locations, and encompassed a lot of change which I have never been good at dealing with. I really appreciated Sarah's ability to listen to my concerns and respond with helpful exercises and activities. She was always prepared for our sessions and wanted me to get the most out of them. I looked forward to our sessions because they were valuable and refreshing, and I started my rotations with an eager outlook. It has been really nice getting to know Sarah, and we still keep in touch as I update her on my rotation status. If you are facing an obstacle or challenge, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend life coaching with Sarah."

--Chelsey E., Duluth, Minnesota

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