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From Stressed Life
To BEST Life!
A Coaching Group offered by Sarah VanderMeiden Coaching

Are you stressed?


In the crazy busy lives we lead, it’s easy to become stressed.  Between family, work, volunteer commitments, hobbies, and taking care of ourselves - we have a lot going on!


The thing is - sometimes we get hooked on the energy that comes with stress and before we know it, stress becomes a way of life.

At some point, stress stops working for us and begins to work against us.  Not only does being constantly stressed-out bring challenges to our lives, work and relationships, it is also bad for our health.  According to WebMD, heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and accelerated aging are all physical problems that can be related to stress.

Consider these statistics on stress in the US population from

   77% have physical symptoms caused by stress - like fatigue, headaches,  muscle tension, and more
   33% believe they are experiencing extreme stress on a regular basis
   48% believe their stress has grown during the previous five years
   76% attribute money and work as being the biggest stressors in their life

Do you see yourself in the above statistics?  Have you considered doing something about your stress?  Have you tried but just haven’t found what works for you?

“From Stressed Life to BEST Life!”  Coaching Groups are available via teleconference and will be offered upon request. 
Contact Sarah VanderMeiden for more information and to register.


“From Stressed Life to BEST Life!” groups meet eight times over the course of two months. Each session will be 90 minutes and I will work with the group to find a session time that works best for everyone. Group members will have assigned fieldwork to complete between sessions. Fieldwork consists of journaling, engaging in webinars, completing worksheets, keeping me updated via e-mail, and other activities designed to keep you moving forward toward your goals. Among other things, in this coaching group, you will:

   *Take a close look at your whole life
   *Assess how the life you are living matches up with your values and goals

    *Learn relaxation skills and mindfulness techniques
   *Engage in coaching to discover how you want to apply what you’ve learned
   *Put it all together into an action plan to turn your stressed life into your BEST life!

Most importantly, you will have the accountability from your coach and other group members to stick to your plan and experience real, lasting change.

Ready to get started? Contact Sarah VanderMeiden today!

*Bring Sarah into your organization to offer "From Stressed Life to BEST Life!" to your employees or clients.*

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