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Finding Balance:
A Women's Coaching Group

“Life-Work Balance.” As women, we’ve all heard of it…but what exactly is it? Do you have it? If not, how do you get it?  Do we just try harder...or is there another way?  Come join the conversation with other women as we discover the meaning of balance and actively pursue it in our lives.

In this group, we are going to take a look at how our lives are like now and how we would like them to be. We will clarify our values and get very specific about our goals, particularly related to Life Balance. We will support one another, provide accountability and everyone can receive coaching from me if desired.

Since this group meets for only four sessions, we will be laser focused on our work together to ensure progress toward our goals! You will have an assignment after each session to keep you moving forward.

Contact Sarah VanderMeiden for more information and to register!

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