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Photo of Board Certified Education, Career and Life Coach Sarah VanderMeiden, M.S., BCC
Your Student Life Coach
Sarah VanderMeiden
is an independent student services professional offering comprehensive career and educational coaching services 
for young adults seeking direction
for their life and career.

My name is Sarah VanderMeiden and my passion for helping young adults explore options, achieve academic success and find career direction was developed throughout my 20-year career working at public and private colleges and universities both large and small. My professional experience includes academic advising and counseling, administration, admissions, career development, conduct, community development, first-year experience, individual and group counseling, leadership development, program development, supervision/management and residence life.  I have taught hundreds of seminars, training sessions and for-credit college courses and have helped hundreds of students overcome challenges and accomplish their goals as they move through every stage of their education and career.

Since 2016, I have helped young adults via the phone and online as a student life coachI am an independent student services professional, which means my only focus is helping students clarify their life, academic and career goals as well as gain the skills needed to accomplish them. I also provide comprehensive career coaching services, from helping students clarify their life purpose and mission to identifying career options to learning job search skills including resume writing and interviewing. High school and college students can receive life coaching online or by phone and I offer free consultations to ensure educational coaching is right for you and that I am the right professional to meet your needs. 

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