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Sarah VanderMeiden is an experienced, talented presenter who has planned and delivered hundreds of seminars, training sessions and for-credit college courses.  She is now sharing her knowledge and wisdom through pre-recorded webinars.  See what Sarah has to offer by viewing her free introductory webinar "College Success Strategies.


Access to webinars is included free of charge to all of Sarah's clients. If you are not a client, contact Sarah to find out how to become one or to purchase Webinar access at a cost of $30 each.  Webinar topics may include:

Academic Success Webinars

How to Study and Remember It Later

Selecting a Major

Test Taking Strategies

Setting SMART Goals

Time Management

From Stressed Life to BEST Life!

Financial Management

Career Development Webinars

Choosing a Career That is Right for You

Career Dreams

Discovering Your Strengths

Job Hunting Strategies

Resume Writing Workshop

Effective Presentation Skills

Interview With Confidence

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