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Dear Parent, 


Sending off your son or daughter to college can be an exciting (and nerve-wracking) time.  Is your son the kind of student that will succeed socially and academically, regardless of the obstacle?  Is your daughter focusing on the social benefits of going to college (as opposed to the academic)?  Is college even the right choice? What other options are there?


Wherever your student is on the spectrum, its likely he or she could benefit from working with an experienced student life professional.  However, you may not realize that in the majority of cases, colleges and universities expect students to seek out the help they need should they encounter an obstacle.  At the same time, most students, particularly those at larger institutions, haven’t the faintest idea of who to go to for help.


As Your Student Life Coach, I am available to assist your son or daughter with sound, impartial information to help them get on the right track and develop the skills to take on whatever obstacle they may face throughout their collegiate career:


High School Juniors and Seniors:  Is college the right choice? What other options are there? Assessing life purpose and goals, exploring careers and educational planning.

Gap Year:  Would your student like to take a year off before going to school? Develop strategies to get the most out of a gap year.

First-Year Students:  Adjusting to college life, successful study habits, time management, major choice, extracurricular involvement, social adjustment, making healthy and safe choices, transferring to another college


Second Year and Beyond:  Major and career choice, leadership development, transferring to a four-year college


Life After School:  Career choice, job search, graduate/professional school applications, stress management


A variety of Student Life Coaching Plans and Webinars are available to best meet the needs of your student. 


As Your Student Life Coach, I will partner with your student to help them clarify their goals and specify action steps on how to achieve them.  Since this is your student’s life, and their education, it is ultimately up to them to follow through with agreed-upon action steps and achieve their goals.


College is a significant investment of both time and money.  Most families do not realize the financial and life-planning impact of a few failed courses during the freshman year.  Most families do not anticipate the life-altering impact of a few unwise choices that young adults can make at any stage.


Why leave your investment to chance?  Contact me, Your Student Life Coach, to discuss how Student Life Coaching can help your student achieve their goals!  I am available for a free 30-minute consultation by phone, which can be arranged here.

Sarah VanderMeiden, M.S., BCC

Personal and Professional Coach




Sarah VanderMeiden has over 20 years of experience helping students effectively navigate the challenges of college at both public and private institutions, large and small.  Her professional experience includes academic advising and counseling, administration, admissions, career development, conduct, community development, first-year experience, individual and group counseling, leadership development, program development, supervision/management and residence life.  She has taught dozens of seminars, training sessions and for-credit college courses. 


Sarah has assisted scores of students in figuring out what they want and how to get there. 

Sarah VanderMeiden, Your College Success and Career Coach

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