"The services that Sarah provided were easily worth the investment, without a doubt." 

                                                                                                Justin V., Baton Rouge, Louisiana [read more]

Dear Parent, 


Sending a child off to college can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time. Is your son the kind of student that will succeed socially and academically, regardless of the obstacle? Is your daughter focusing on the social benefits of going to college (as opposed to the academic)? What does your student want for life after college? Is college even the right choice? What other options are there?


Wherever your student is at, they can benefit from learning college success strategies from an experienced student life professional. However, it is important to know that most colleges and universities expect students to seek assistance should they encounter an obstacle while students often don't know who to talk to or are too busy or reluctant to seek help.


As Your Student Life Coach, I assist students through providing sound, impartial information to help them get on the right track and develop the skills to take on whatever obstacle they may face throughout their education, career and life:


As a life coach for high school students,  I guide students as they explore educational and career paths that are suitable for them. Should they choose to attend college, I help students develop the proper mindset and skills to achieve academic success and get the most value out of the college experience. 

As a life coach for college students, I help your student build academic, time management and leadership skills, select a major and prepare for their career through developing networks and learning effective job search strategies.  

For life after college, coaching offers my clients continued support as they adjust to their career or graduate/professional school. 


As Your Student Life Coach, I will partner with your student to help them clarify their goals and specify action steps on how to achieve them. Since this is your student’s life, and their education, it is ultimately up to them to follow through with agreed-upon action steps and achieve their goals. Coaching brings insight, energy and motivation to convert their dreams to reality!


College is a significant investment of time and money. Most families do not realize the implications of a few failed courses during the freshman year or of a few unwise choices made in young adulthood. These unfortunate events can have tremendous impacts on academic progress, financial stability and life planning. 


As parents, we all want to see our children be successful in their education and life. Why leave your child's college experience to chance? Set them up for success by contacting me, Your Student Life Coach, to discuss how coaching can help your student achieve their goals!  I am available for a free 30-minute consultation by phone, which can be arranged here.

Sarah VanderMeiden, M.S., BCC

College Success and Career Coach