• Sarah VanderMeiden

Spring Into New Life!

Spring is knocking at the door of Northern Minnesota!

There are days when the sun is warm and strong. Though tall snowbanks are putting up a good fight, snow is pulling away from the edge of roads and the base of trees.

Every shrub and tree is filled with buds anticipating their opening act and enterprising northerners are tapping maple trees to harvest spring’s sweet bounty.

The air is warmer and filled with the sounds of birds announcing the season: The drumming of woodpeckers carving new nests and chickadees declaring “Spring’s Here!”

It’s like the whole earth is slowly awakening from winter’s hibernation, with signs of new life and new growth accelerating with each passing day.

How about you? Has winter’s dark, cold days kept you in hibernation? Are you ready to wake up, stretch and spring into new life? If so, drop me a line - I’d love to hear about it!

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