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Getting Clear

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to get desensitized to the conditions of my home. Then, one day, the scales fall from my eyes and I wonder how on earth did that window get so dirty? Or where did that pile of clutter come from? Of course, these maladies don’t happen overnight but are the result of simply not paying attention from day to day.

So, when I finally noticed our cloudy window in the door leading out to the screen porch, I promptly took care of it. And I was amazed at the result! The window was so clear, I could not stop looking through it to admire the peaceful scene. I had walked by this window several times a day but never even noticed the beauty. Once I finally made the view clear, I couldn’t stop looking through it and I felt a lot of satisfaction as a result of taking the time to clear things up.

Much has been the same with my business. Whenever the way starts to feel a bit bumpy, or I start feeling a little off, or overwhelmed, I’ve learned this is a sign I need to take a step back and deal with the clutter. I need to get clear on what my priorities are and clean up the rest. At the end of 2017, I took some time to reflect on my strengths, my goals, and what I really want to be accomplishing as a coach. Now I can’t stop looking through that window of clarity because the focus it gives me has been so satisfying.

So, how about you? What things have gotten a little cloudy in your own life or in your business? What do you need to do to clean things up? And what steps can you take to get clear on your goals or what you need to do to reach them?

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Looking through a window onto a sunporch. There are two wicker rocking chairs with pink cushions, a table and a rag rug on the floor. A red barn is seen in the background.

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