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  • Sarah VanderMeiden

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Up here in Northern Minnesota, it was a long winter with lots of snow and cold temperatures. By April, everyone was pretty much over it but the snowstorms continued. We all endured by reassuring ourselves that spring was just around the corner. It's got to come, eventually. Right?

And spring has been coming, step by step. The lakes are open. The grass is up. And there are some buds on trees and shrubs. Once the conditions are right, growth will be exploding everywhere!

HOWEVER, as I write this on May 9, I am staring at a blanket of white outside my window. Snow, AGAIN?! UGH! Looks like we have taken a major step backward from our dreams of summer fun and being able to move about without the burden of a coat.

Reminds me of the common phrase “Two steps forward, one step back.”

Does this phrase ever apply to your life? You work hard toward a goal, but then have a setback. You make progress on establishing some new habits then return to your old ways.

But here’s the thing - two steps forward, one step back still means you are moving one step forward. Real, lasting change rarely happens in a straight line. But every setback provides an opportunity to learn and the motivation to keep going. The snow will melt and you will persist - one step at a time.

Keep moving forward, friends!

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