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Life Coaching for College Students: What is It?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Your Student Life Coach Sarah VanderMeiden visits with a student in her office.
Your Student Life Coach Sarah VanderMeiden is available to assist you on life's journey.

You’ve heard of life coaching and maybe even have had a coach. But what is life coaching for college students?

Life coaching is an excellent resource for students seeking to find their way in college, achieve academic success and gain clarity for career and life goals. Coaching can help a student get back on track when things aren’t going well or even prevent problems before they arise.

College is a lot different from high school and many students can benefit from working with an experienced student life coach to learn effective time management strategies and study and test-taking skills that will help them reach academic goals.

But the benefits of life coaching for new students don’t stop there. Adjusting to college life, dealing with homesickness, meeting friends, balancing extracurricular and social activities and making safe and healthy choices are all topics that can be covered in student life coaching.

Many students arrive at college with no clue as to what they want to major in or which career to pursue. Coaching can help these students get a better understanding of who they are and use this knowledge to establish their life purpose and how they wish to live it through their education and career.

A Life Coach can also help students through:

  • Coaching and instruction on academic and life success skills like stress management, financial decision-making and adjusting to college life.

  • Conversations and activities designed to help students gain clarity on their values, interests and strengths along with life vision, purpose and mission.

  • Education to help students better understand themselves and others through use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

  • Short and long-term goal setting along with action step identification and accountability.

  • Career coaching and decision-making.

  • Job search strategies, resume/cover letter development, interview preparation and offer negotiation.

Do you think your student could benefit from working with a life coach? Contact Sarah to book your free consultation today!


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