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Life Coaching for College Students: Who Can Benefit?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Five students talk and laugh around a table during a study session.
College students find greater success with coaching from Sarah VanderMeiden.

A Life Coach for college students can offer assistance with a wide variety of personal, academic and career-related questions and concerns. But who can benefit from working with a student life coach?

Well, in short - almost anyone! Life coaching can help students at every stage, including:

High School students who are considering future educational and career options.

Though some career exploration is offered through the school curriculum, student life

coaching adds much more depth and breadth to the career development process. In

addition, as a neutral party coaches can ensure students select options that truly fit

them and what they want for their lives which will lead to higher engagement and success

in college.

College-bound students who didn’t have to work hard in high school.

If high school came easy to your student, it’s possible that he or she did not learn study,

test-taking or time-management skills, all of which are essential to college success.

Working with a student life coach before starting college can help build these skills so

students can keep up with the pace and demands of college courses.

First-year college students.

Every aspect about college is new to your student, especially if they are attending college

away from home. This experience, though exciting, can also be disorienting,

overwhelming, discouraging and lonely. Working with a student life coach a few weeks

before college starts can help students strategize the transition to college. In addition,

having bi-weekly or weekly sessions on the calendar throughout the semester ensures

students have someone they know and trust to turn to right away when challenges arise.

Second year and beyond.

As students move through college, they need to make decisions regarding major, classes,

internships and future career. Working with a student life coach can help students make

critical educational and career decisions that are truly in alignment with the person

they are and what they want for their lives.

Students returning to college after an extended absence.

Returning adult learners face unique challenges including getting re-oriented to life as a

student; learning study, test-taking and time-management skills; and juggling college

classes with work and family responsibilities. Partnering with a student life coach will help

address these challenges, ensuring a smooth transition back to college life.

Graduating from college.

Though graduating from college is a tremendous achievement, it begins another period of

transition that must be negotiated. Your Student Life Coach helps students pursue their

dream career, navigate the job search, apply to graduate or professional school and/or

adjust to life after college while taking positive steps to manage stress.

Could your student could benefit from working with a life coach? Contact Your Student Life Coach Sarah VanderMeiden to book your free consultation today!


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