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sarah vandermeiden photography

20 years ago, my life-long love of woods and water drew me to Duluth.  Accompanied by family, friends and my beloved yellow lab Bjorn, I have spent many happy hours exploring the shore and trails surrounding Lake Superior.  My best images from two decades worth of adventures are available at Market Day in Downtown Duluth, select art fairs and seasonally online.  To view, click on collection title.  Contact me to inquire about ordering prints or photocards. 

North Shore Rocks is my signature  collection that has become a favorite for photocards and office decor. 

Currently available to view.

Celebrate winter or send a holiday greeting featuring one of these snowy and sparkly scenes!  Currently available to view.

Send a message of peace and hope with these images taken at Maple Grove Cemetery in Munising, Michigan.  Currently available to view.

Celebrate spring!  My Spring Flower collection is currently available to view.

Visit the Superior Hiking Trail in its spring hues of gray, green and all shades in between!

Currently available to view.

Northern Minnesota lakes offer opportunities for glorious stormcloud and sunset images.  Available upon request.

View autumn in all its glory in these images taken in the forest surrounding Hawk Ridge in Duluth.  Available upon request.

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