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Courage: Lessons From a Goose

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A group of Canada Geese exit a grassy lawn to cross a road.
Is it possible to learn about courage from a goose?

Have you ever been stuck? In that place where you KNOW you need to do SOMETHING but lack the courage to take that first step?

I remember a time years ago when I was in college. I don’t remember the exact circumstances but I recall that I was very unhappy and frustrated about what was happening in my life. As I drove down the interstate in the outskirts of Minneapolis, I thought to myself “How am I going to figure this out?”

Immediately after this thought, I saw something on the road ahead and slowed my car to investigate. What I discovered simultaneously amazed me and gave me the answer I was seeking.

For out in the middle of the Interstate was a mama goose with about 10 goslings behind her. Clearly intent on her mission, and oblivious to the danger facing her, she waddled across the freeway focused only on her destination. All us humans could do was stop our cars and marvel at her bravery.

And in that moment, I began to understand what courage was all about.

Courage means that despite the obstacles, you step out in faith knowing somehow, someway you will get through to the other side. It means single-mindedly focusing on your goal while ignoring any and all distractions. Courage gives you the power to keep moving forward one step (or waddle) at a time. And your courage will inspire others to take their own brave steps.

This brave mama goose moved me to tears, and gave me the perspective and assurance I needed to move forward with courage, knowing everything eventually would work out.

Friends, here’s to courage and the power to keep moving forward!


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